Best Cordless Phone in India Under 3000

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Cordless Phone – Smart and Elegant Way to Communicate

A cordless phone is also known as “portable phone”, which acts as a telephone with a handset and it can be carrying easily. It is just a minor miracle of modern days because using this you can talk moving freely inside the house or in your yard. Like cell phones, this type of cordless phone helps the people by giving freedom of talking like privacy in their own homes. This type of phone has many features and also have more than hundreds of models are available. In this article, you can get a clear view of the cordless phones and how it works, how it became popular in today’s market.

Main components of a cordless phone

A cordless phone is working on the basis of two major parts, they are

  • Base – the base has wire connection with the limited range of base transmitter.
  • Handset – when you open the base you will allow seeing the components like the speaker, microphone, keypad, buzzer, radio components, LCD displays, and battery.

How does it work?

The base is getting attached to the phone with the standard wire connection when it looks as far as away means it looks like a normal phone. The base first receives the phone call through the electrical wire and then it converts the signal into the radio signal. Whereas the handset receives that radio signal from the base and again converts it to the electrical signal to the speaker which was attached to the phone. Then, the speaker converts the signal is converted into the sound that you hear.

Then the handset establishes your voice back to the base. Then the base again receives the voice signal, converts it to the electrical signal and then sends the signal to the other line to the opponent party.
The base and handset work under the same frequency that allows the user to talk and to listen at the same time during a call called duplex frequency. The user is allowed to carry the cordless anywhere within the range of the base transmitter and can enjoy moving freely.

Cordless phone- talks when you walk

Want to enjoy privacy talking? Here, the cordless phone is available to help you. It is designed for the user who wants to talk freely while moving and enjoying the talking. This became the user-friendly in nature that allows the user to walk and talk freely without needing any medium or wire. You can also have the chance to place the cordless phone at anywhere, not a mind to keep on the phone jack.

This became the major attractive features of the cordless phone among the users. Among all the attractive features it finds the majority in the place home, office and factories. This can be increased drastically in the place of home and office only. Because, of their convenience of use and effectiveness of communication it became so popular. The best options attracted all types user is the portability. It can also be carried in place of a swimming pool or any other outdoor activities.

Main features of a cordless phone

Like a normal cell phone, the cordless phone also has attractive features and different models in a wide range. The extra features are the first thing to get attracts the users. The features of the cordless phone enable the user to buy. The main features of the cordless phone are listed below,

  • Wide range
  • Sound quality
  • Security
  • Privacy manner
  • Availability
  • User-friendly

How to select the cordless phone?

Want to the best cordless phone? Don’t know how to select? Although the cordless phone gives many features, it finds mostly their best in the home and office only. A cordless phone finds the best option in place of excellent dependability and high-quality voice. Even though they find many applications, selecting the cordless phone is somewhat difficult than purchasing the other home electronic devices but still there are many options are considered before buying.

First, decide the types of cordless phone that you want to buy which is available in the market. There are three types of cordless phone are available in the market. They are,

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Analog spread spectrum

Some Different models

Panasonic Black Digital

Panasonic Black Digital

This model is the best and the cheapest one when compared to others. It is the best and the cheapest among others and can be avail with the extra advanced features like, it works according to the frequency range of 2.4GHz within the base transmitter range.


  • Light weight and portable
  • Supports 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Phonebook memory
  • Large illuminated display
  • Alphanumeric keypad
  • Block unwanted calls


  • Works within the limited area

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Panasonic Link2 Cell

Panasonic Link2 Cell

This is the model avail with the Bluetooth facility. It works according to the accurate frequency range with the help of the Bluetooth. It has all the advanced features. The cordless phone from Panasonic family is a reasonably priced cordless phone model which is equipped with standard quality and standard signal.


  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Freedom
  • Noise reduction
  • Enhanced sound quality
  • Talking text sender alert
  • Secure phone signal
  • Battery backup


  • Works within the range of base transmitter

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VTech CS6719-2-2

VTech CS6719-2-2

It is the model that helps the user with more advanced features. It is completely works with the given frequency range connected with the base transmitter. The best feature of this is the long lasting battery with the range of more than 8 hours of talk time.


  • Alphanumeric keypad
  • 10 hours talktime
  • Less weight
  • Long lasting battery life
  • Standard indoor and outdoor
  • Portable


  • Easy to lose
  • Limited area coverage

It has all the advanced features and works more than you expected.Out of these models, analog is the best and cheap cordless which is available with an affordable price in the market. Because of the good signal, they became more popular. They offer with a good signal and realistic use. The analog signal based is the best cordless phone which was successfully running in the market.

Then the digital is a somewhat expensive one when compared to the analog. Because of the fine quality, higher signal and better security they became more expensive. Then the analog spread spectrum is the most expensive one in the market and it has fine clarity of voice and better security nature. To avail, the best and the cheapest cordless phone in the sense, an analog type is the best one.

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Cordless phone- next generation landline telephones

Cordless phones are the future based wireless phone, which is completely based on the wireless technology called Digital Enhanced Technology. The main motive of the cordless phone is to remove all the criteria which were raised for the oldest telephone technology. To overcome the oldest model, the cordless phones are designed. The main things enhanced in this cordless phone are the frequency range. The range of the frequency used is the best outcome for the cordless phone. The cordless phones are packed with the various advanced features like,

  • Video conferencing
  • Digital services
  • SMS services

Points to remember while buying the cheap cordless phone

  • If you have the idea of buying cheap cordless phones, the first thing that you have to keep in the mind is the voice quality.
  • So consider the sound quality and the frequency in the mind while in buying the best and cheap cordless phone.
  • First keep in mind, that the use of the cordless phones will remain the name of the product. There is nothing wrong in a chance of getting the cordless phone that can provide you with all the facilities in an option of saving huge amount as long as you will satisfy with a product that you are looking for.

Avail the uses of cheap cordless phone

Want the cordless phone in cheap? Cordless phones are the latest version of the oldest type of telephones. However, cordless phones work under a particular range of the frequency value, cordless phone with a frequency range of about 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz are the cheapest range of cordless phones.

However, they can assure for good quality and good signal in limited areas. Cheap cordless phones are available in many colors, designs, and functions. It is advisable for the user to avail the use of the best and cheap cordless phones. The cheap cordless phone should have the following great combinations in order to get the best outcome and vocal clear voice.

  • Stylish designs
  • Compact and portable
  • Battery backup
  • Good signal range
  • Expandable

It is designed with the attractive features that allow the user to block up to 250 unwanted contacts. Even more, there is a voice recording options are available to set announcements if suppose no one answers the call. The cheap cordless phone will enable the user to talk freely about more than 13 hours a day. Moreover, a cheap cordless phone can hold the charges up to 24 hours. This is the most attractive and best valid reasons for choosing and buying the cheap cordless phones.

Cordless phones- wonder of modern life

Simply put in the words, cordless phones are the wonder of modern life. Because there are more than hundreds of models are available in the market offering with the advanced technology and advanced features. There is also a big difference in the prices too. When compared to all, analog cordless phones are the best cordless phone in India under 3000rs, which was successfully running in today’s market.

Looking for the best cordless phones? Avail the cheap cordless phones and enjoy in talking with them. However, it can discover the limited range which is connected with the base transmitter. Within the range of the transmitter, you can avail the best and the cheapest cordless phones.

Cordless phone – create to serve you better

In this modern world, everything will get into technology. Whatever, the electronic devices are invented it is just to help the user, in order to reduce their work power. For instance, like that the cordless phone is invented. Since, it is designed for the users to need, with compact and portable. A cordless phone helps the user to avail the use of its features in an efficient way.

It is designed for the users those who want to talk privately. Since, it is a portable one, so that it can be carried anywhere. This type of device used for the user either simply sitting on the office, roaming around your garden or just sleeping in the bed. Because of its lightweight, small, pocket-sized and long-lasting duration of the battery it became so popular.

Reasons why it became so popular?

Since cordless phones work at a very low frequency and give wide range coverage to the users. The low frequency again allows the user of the handset within the range f base station. With the area that they covered, provides the high quality of voice reception with no crosstalk by the third party.

The important factor is noted for its popularity is the battery life. Moreover, the long-lasting battery can go with the flexibility of the user. The longer they stand by the time is the better performance. Cordless phone with the single, double and multi- headset system allows the user to have an interaction with the opponents at the same time. They will also have the choice to block the unwanted numbers in the contact list. Since it is portable, it can be carried and used anywhere within the range of a base transmitter.

Benefits functions of a cordless phone

The advanced features used in the cordless phone may attain its popularity as soon as they introduced. Within the short span of time, the usage of the cordless phone increased drastically. The major benefits of the cordless phone are,

  • Built-in answering mode
  • Call hold function
  • Mute function
  • Voice dialling
  • Speed dialling
  • Auto – redial
  • Call transfer and forwarding facility
  • Speakerphone
  • Multi-line functions

Cordless phone- elegant method to communicate

The appearance and the features of the cordless phone make them so popular. It is the best and smart way to communicate. It enhances the methods of communicating with the opposite party. Since it is simple and portable the conversation between the two or multi persons made very easy. Cordless phones are designed to overcome the criteria of the oldest models of the telephones in order to make communication effective and simple.

The latest updated version of the cordless phone attracts the user easily. If someone is ready to avail the use of the cordless phone in the sense, just make use of the cheap cordless phone which considered as the best in performing and also safe in usage.

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