Best Home Theatre Systems in India Under 5000

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Home theatre is an electronic device which gives sounds more than a range of ordinary speaker. It is set up in the place of home, hall, marriage reception and any other public meetings and much more. It gives the experience and enjoys watching a movie in a theatre. In fact, all the users or the people enjoy the sounds of the home theatre. The sound which comes from that, create impressive feelings in the heart of the people. Moreover, it is designed for the entertainment part. Those who love to hear the song loudly means, they can avail the home theatre. Home theatre can be easily available in the market.

Looking for the best and cheap home theatres? Here take a look at some of the cheap and the best home theatre products that are available in the market. Now all the people are tuning the ordinary television room into home theatres. Need to know all the requirements based on the home theatre and have a look on that too. The role of home theatre and its applications are discussed briefly below, in order to avail the use of them and to enjoy the sound effects of the home theatre in a ease manner.

How does it work?

The working technology of the home theatre is basically defined with the help of the two major components, namely

  • Amplifier
  • Receiver

The receiver is the heart of the home theatre. Then the main works of the receiver are to sends the video to the input and then it sends an output in the audio format to the decoder. The decoder then sorts out the video signal by sending information to the amplifier. There the amplifiers are directly connected with the appropriate speakers. The speakers have two types of sound which are entirely different from one another. There are analog sound and digital sound. The digital sound will be more but others not.

Benefits of using home theatre

Do you want to experience more features in home theatres? Want to change the home system? Want to upgrade? Aside from all electronic devices, home theatre creates more impression feelings among the others. In this modern world, staying inside the home and entertaining the family members is more desirable and having the home theatre in the home is helps to do that.

  • The experience like watching the movie in a theatre
  • Emphasis even small things
  • Sounds will be good
  • Attracts the neighbours easily
  • Upgrade of home

Different models of home theatre

LG Boom Blast LH64B 4.1 Bluetooth Speaker System

LG Boom Blast LH64B 4.1 Bluetooth Speaker System

This Bluetooth home theatre is has been spreading its name because of the great quality music it produces. It has DVD player, USB port along with Bluetooth connectivity system which the plus point of this home theatre system.


  • 53W sound output.
  • Contains 4 speakers.
  • I can perform wireless audio streaming.
  • It includes 4.1 channel.
  • It contains speakers, subwoofer, remote control, batteries, FM antenna as a whole set.


  • It is only compatible with Bluetooth enabled devices.

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Zebronics Claw 4 4.1 Channel Home theatre system

Zebronics Claw 4 4.1 Channel Home theatre system

Zebronics has come up with another masterpiece to rock the music and reach every human ears at least in India. It is a perfect home theatre for you if you are having a budget under 5000/-


  • The set contain four mind boggling speakers.
  • It includes 4.1 channel.
  • Available in beautiful black colour.
  • I can connect with Bluetooth, USB, SD card, MMC.
  • It includes a inbuilt FM radio.
  • There is a remote to control the whole system.


  • The maximum support for SD card is 32gb.

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Panasonic SC-HT20 2.1 Channel Speaker

Panasonic SC-HT20 2.1 Channel Speaker

This classy looking speaker are offered from the house of Panasonic with great facilities under a very low-price range.


  • It has DVD playback support.
  • The sound output is 60W.
  • It supports USB connectivity.
  • Brings along 1 subwoofer, 2 Satellite speakers, 1 Aux Cable, 1 Rca Cable, 1 Remote in the box.
  • It includes 2.1 channel.


  • It does not support SD card.

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Impex RHYTHM B 5.1 Channel Multimedia Home Theatre System

Impex RHYTHM B 5.1 Channel Multimedia Home Theatre System

If you want a low budget home theatre with lesser power consumption then this home theatre from Impex is perfect for you.


  • It provides 45W sound output.
  • It supports Bluetooth connection.
  • It includes LED display.
  • It supports SD card and USB cable as well.
  • It includes inbuilt FM tuner.
  • Its 5.1 channel speaker system.


  • Unfortunately, it is available only in Black colour.

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How to set up the home theatre in-house?

Are you willing to set up home theatre in your home? The entire home theatre set up includes the main components like speakers, receivers and some inputs. The first thing to do is, to select the correct place where home theatre needs to be placed. It is more desirable keeping the home theatre in the walls of the home. Because then only it gives rich look to the entire house. The main problem is the amount. Think for yourself for buying the home theatre. Establish the budget of the home theatre and make the avail of that. Following the given steps, one can set up the home theatre in the home.

  • Knows which components to buy
  • Concentrate on buying all in one component
  • Fix where you want to set up your home theatre
  • Decide on the budget of the system
  • Decide in place to keep the inputs
  • Purchase and plug in all the strips

Channel with 5.1 and 7.1 are the best speakers which are available in the market and give the best output. You can enjoy playing video games every weekend with your loved ones and your best friends.

Looking for cheap home theatre system?

Are you looking for the best home theatre system? There is a lot of options are available in front of you. Here, the best home theatre system in India under 5000rs is available in the market with extra features and with more sound. There are many brands of home theatres which are available in the market and successfully meet with all the business needs. The best out from these is the speaker’s design. In this, the speaker design to take you to experience the musical level into the new level. The speaker system comes with two larger satellites which were presented in front and three smaller satellites. Though the price will be considered cheap, it has features which really come to deal.

If someone wants to avail the cheap and best of the home theatre, have a look at the site of Amazon and are advised to select from that. In there, the cheap and the best home theatres will be available and the people can use the option of it and receive the selected at the doorsteps.

Experience the sound effects of home theatre

Now a day’s not only the quantity of video can be improved but also the sound quantity can also be improved. Want to experience high sound? If someone wants to experience the high sound like in the theatre in the sense, it cannot be achieved just only with the DVD and Television. So, there is a need for an additional system which works under the control of home theatre. It is just the home theatre. So let’s come and bring the sound range more than the ordinary thing just by fixing the home theatre with the quality of 5.1 speakers.

When talking with the budget, the speakers with the SIG certified helps to give more sound like the branded one with the best one and with some connectivity options. In this home theatre, the connectivity options are Bluetooth, in that the user can connect the mobile, tab, laptop, and other Bluetooth devices. The total output sound will be in the range of 80W and the ratio of the signal will be 75db.

Features and specifications of home theatre under 5000rs

  • Branded one
  • 5.1 channel configurations
  • 80W RMS
  • Bluetooth supported
  • 75db signal to noise ratio
  • 40 Hz-125 Hz frequency responses
  • SD card supported
  • Crystal clear voice
  • Better sound and high quality

However, if you talk on the basis of sound and the base quality, it is really efficient to avail the use of this compact body.

Enjoying the sounds of home theatre

Want to enjoy the sound? The above mentioned are some of the home theatre which avail in the market. Because of its simplicity and the cost-effective option, the home theatre became so popular ever before. Everybody enjoys the sounds of the home theatre. It creates more impact in the minds of the youngsters. If someone wants to show their happiness in the sense they will dance. While dancing in the home, by experiencing the sounds from the home theatre automatically generates new feelings in the heart of the people. Even, those who cannot know how to dance also will surely dance while hearing the sounds from home theatre.

Finds applications area

The best and the vast applications of the home theatre is the entertainment. Whatever the function, whether it is the happy one or sad one it doesn’t matter, home theatre finds more advantages and plays an important role there. It is recommended in all places because of its ease. It can be removed easily from the connection. It finds in such a way to get associated with the users. The most important applications of the home theatre are,

  • Party Halls
  • Marriage, birthday and get together functions halls
  • Restaurant lobbies
  • Corporate boardrooms
  • Place of worships

Everybody in the world, are fond of music. While, if there is any function is going to be held in the case, all are ready to prepare to dance. They want to the happiness by hearing sound from the speakers. Who are there are getting into the dance as soon as they hear the sounds from the home theatre?

In playing the video games also the home theatre creates an impact among the people. Suppose, on weekdays, friends were grouped together in the sense they must want to play the video games. By playing the video games on the laptop or TV while it is connected with the home theatre in the sense, they feel to play with more enthusiasm. Because, the sound from the home theatre creates more energy while playing, so all are playing well and get involved with the playing.

How to choose the best home theatre?

Want to keep the home theatre in a room? How big space do you have? Suppose a large opening living room is their means really it is good to place the home theatre there. Plan and consider the room where the home theatre sounds the best. First, decide this and then choose the best home theatre.

Nothing brings everyone in the family together as a movie does. So it is the best option to have a home theatre in the home itself and enjoy a lot. If you want the better sound for the entertainment purposes, there will be a chance for all. The only thing you should keep in the mind is the place where the home theatre should place. Because home theatre goes with the ultrasound effects and delivers the vocals in a clear way.

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