Best induction cook tops under 2000

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Hello, I am Atul Jain, and I am reviewing induction cooktops under 2000. I hope that the study will be of great significance to you. After you had a long day at work, you would not mind having your food cooked quickly. That alone will give you enough time to rest and be prepared for another day. Deceptively, people have been using gas stoves at their homes, but the induction cooktops are replacing the gas stoves at a faster rate.

Therefore, you do not want to be the only person who is left behind. Join the rest of the world in using the induction cook, and you will enjoy. I will share with you the most critical details concerning the facilities. I do not want you to make a wrong decision, and that is why I recommend you to read the whole article up to the end.

I have used this item, and it has saved me a lot of trouble. I remember there a period when I used to report to work very late. My boss was getting fed up with my behavior. Little did he know that the gas stove I was using to prepared my breakfast was too slow and consuming a lot of my time. After switching to the induction cooktops, things have changed, and I am always punctual. Punctuality at work has helped me improve my ratings at the working place. The item seems to be a minor thing, but it can have a significant change in your life. All that you need to know is the right place gadgets to use at your home. I am confident that by the time you are finishing reading this particular review, you will be a changed person. You will have a developed a different attitude on the induction altogether.

At one time my mama was skeptical about this particular appliance. She could not believe whatever I was telling her until I came with the device at home. After a few demonstrations she started buying my idea, and as I am writing this, she is one of the most significant users of the appliance. She has gone ahead to convince some of her friends to buy it because the results were excellent. Typically, you can be skeptical, but at least it is good to do some research before doubting anything.

My review: Here are my thoughts and opinions on induction cooktops under 2000

It is exceedingly rare for a product to earn a perfect score of a hundred percent. However, the recently introduced induction have useful features that every person would wish to have. Induction cooktop under 2000 is a valuable utility. The item is available in different sizes and shapes and is sold at different prices. Therefore, you are left with the sole responsibility of choosing the one that suits you as a consumer. As a consumer, I have personal experience of using this product. Using this facility is advantageous because when compared with to other cooking gadgets. The results yielded by the facility are more appealing to a large extent. The following are some of the best induction cook pots you can get with a budget of below 2000 Indian rupees.

Pigeon Rapido slim induction cooktop

Pigeon Rapido slim induction cooktop

It is a capable cook pot that can help you to prepare a variety of dishes for your family. The electric cooktop can be used in a variety of cooking modes like milk boiling, curry, pressure cooker, and deep fry. More importantly, the cooktop comes with an LED display which can be used as a timer and temperature control among other settings. More importantly, the item comes with a 1-year warranty. After making an order, the cooker is delivered to you within a short period


  • It is durable and can be operated excellently if maintained
  • It cooks quickly and fast
  • It is portable and light-weight
  • It is designed nicely with a wide base


  • I have not seen any disadvantage of this product, however, if not well maintained it can get damaged easily.

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Pigeon by stove Kraft cruise 1800-watt induction cooktop

Pigeon by stove Kraft cruise 1800-watt induction cooktop

It is also another essential induction cook pot. If you need a reliable means of cooking, then you have the right item with you. The following features are standard in this type of cook pot.7-segments LED display for power and temperature. Smart timer for hands-free cooking, present timer-auto switch-off, and a soft push button. Apart from that, the item has a 93-percent energy saving technology. Issues to do with the warranty are also sorted because you are given a 1-year warranty on the product. Its energy consumption is fair because it consumes 1800 watts.


  • High efficiency
  • Eco-friendly
  • Ideal for use in the Indian kitchen
  • Speeds up cooking


  • Consumes electricity, but it is cheaper than LPG
  • Controls are comfortable, but you need time to master it

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United 2000-watt with wire G coil hot plate induction cooktop

United 2000-watt with wire G coil hot plate induction cooktop

The induction cooktop is also efficient, and you can never go wrong with it. Some of the best features found in this induction cooktop include a one-year warranty on the product, less power consumption and easy to carry. As if that is not enough, the product has G-coil induction cooktop chrome plated with wire and a new advance rotary switch.


  • Less power consumption
  • It has a one-year warranty
  • It is efficient


  • Regular maintenance is need to avoid damage

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Bajaj popular Ultra 1400-watt induction cooktop

Bajaj popular Ultra 1400-watt induction cooktop

Bajaj company is one of the oldest companies in India. Therefore, it can never be the wrong decision for you buying their products. It is suitable for quick and efficient heating and cooking. These induction cooktops are safe to use, and they are energy efficient. Apart from being space friendly and sturdy, they have a compact design which allows you to cook efficiently. The warranty and the power consumption issues are adequately sorted.


  • It is easy to handle
  • It is eco-friendly


  • It may take long to have equipment fixed at your home

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Are there health hazards from induction units’ radiation?

I am not a qualified medic and not competent to give medical advice. However, from the time I started using this product, there is no single day that I have been affected by the unit. If you are skeptical, you can consult your medical practitioner to advise you appropriately.

Can I use any pot or pan on an induction unit?

No, therefore, for reasonably foreseeable future, only cookware with a ferrous nature will work for you. That means that items of ceramic, glass, aluminum or copper will not work. You must be selective when you are using the induction unit to avoid problems.

How can I replace an existing range with an induction unit?

The easiest way is to purchase a new range with an induction cooktop built into it. When you move into the market, you will find several such induction-topped ranges. There are both slide-in and free standing.

What is included in induction cooktops under 2000?

The induction cooktop is very stylish and looks like a glass plate. It has all the sensor buttons on it. It comes with a menu which is easy for you. The menu is written in Hindi for all the customers to understand. Also, it has an auto timer option to set accordingly. The power consumption is considerable because it consumes about 1200 watts. Apart from that, the product comes with a warranty. Therefore, you can use it without much problem. On top of that, the induction works on the principle of the heating the magnetic field.

Induction cooktop compared to the gas stove

Before purchasing any item, you always consider buying the best. It is with no doubt that you are confident that I am an avid lover of induction cooking. I fact I have been able to convert my mother after her many years of sticking to the traditional cooking method. She could not believe, and now she is one of the happiest women around. Although I am working on a review on induction cooktops on my website, you should note that I am not here to tell you that induction is right for everyone. Due to that fact, I have decided to give you a comparison between introduction and other cooking methods. Therefore, even before you decide to make any purchase, it is wise for you to have this details at the back of your mind.

The price of the induction cooktop is much lower in comparison to the gas stove. You will get yourself an induction cooktop because it is the best. Even the prices between models vary quite a bit. Induction cooktops are highly rated, and they produce excellent results.

The installation between the cook stove and the induction stove vary. You realize that installing a cook stove is quite challenging as compared to the induction cooktop. Investing in cook stove is more comfortable, and it takes the slightest time possible.

When it comes to cleaning less, induction cookpot is much cleaner and healthier when compared to gas. A gas stove is pretty challenging to keep clean. I had my fair share of hassles when it comes to dealing with baked food. The beaked food eventually scrubs off but leaves scratches behind. Also, you have several parts to deal with without mentioning the grease and the bits of food that get under the controls destroying the stove. It is clear evidence that the induction cook pot is the best.

Moreover, when you are using the gas stove, you will need pots and pans that work on your oven. Buying a gas stove will see you incurring additional budget. Since an induction cooktop stove relies on an electromagnet to heat iron or steel cookware, it is not necessary to have the pots and pans.

Induction cooktop pro and cons


  • You must be surprised to read this, but it is a fact that induction is faster than gas. You can boil a large pan of water with as little as 90 seconds. Every other person wants to save time. If you get a method of helping you to keep time, then you should embrace it wholeheartedly.
  • The energy use is economical. It is because induction cooktops only heat the cookware you are using and nothing else. You will no longer struggle with hot kitchen. The air in your kitchen will be quite fresh. More importantly, there will be less opportunity for you to burn yourself.
  • Also, induction is safer if compared with the gas. This model is reliable because the moment you are done using it, it will turn off automatically the moment the pan leaves the surface. Within a few seconds, you will not even understand how the induction. It takes place within seconds.
  • Temperature control is much more precise because the model has the model of electronic touch. The electronic touch controls are displayed. Typically, if you are cooking a meal that is demanding, the results will be quite useful.


  • Sincerely, I did not find any problem with induction stove, nonetheless here is a couple of items I would like included.
  • You will have to be careful with the type of cookware you use. Some types of pots and pans are not compatible with the type of cooktop.
  • The cost of buying an induction hotplate is higher compared with the gas. However, the amount of energy consumption at this level is low.

Induction cooktop under 2000 price: What a bargain, here is what I got mine cheap

It is hard to purchase any item without considering the budget. Budget is a very important factor as it is better to decide a value before making any purchase. As I had stated earlier, the induction cooktop is available at different prices depending on the size. It is now your responsibility to select an induction from the various options.

The cost of this item ranges from about Rs 1000 to 2500 depending on the with the different specification. The gadget is always in good condition, and you can never regret using your money to purchase it. You are getting an excellent deal. I have been making good sales because of the fair price. You better hurry up because time is limited and the number of customers is increasing day by day.


Finally, I am impressed with induction ovens under 2000., using induction hobs is the best decision you can ever make. It has to help me cook some of my favorite meals comfortably. It is an excellent cooking facility for that price. I highly recommend this hotplate if you like cooking. You will enjoy cooking at all times. If by any chance you do not love cooking, whoever cooks for you will be happy to use this facility.

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