Best Kitchen Chimney in India | Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Kitchen chimneys are of different types, and they are designed to last for long. They can keep the tiles in your kitchen safe and well protected. It will protect the kitchen from fumes and make the place look clean and serene. Who wouldn’t want that?

Installing a kitchen chimney will make the walls very clean and stainless. A clean kitchen wall tells a lot about the cleanliness of the inhabitants of the home. Installing the kitchen chimney will prevent any sticky feeling on the kitchen wall, and you can enter the place without the fear of getting stains on your dress. Most of the kitchen chimneys are included with high capacity suction that can attract the fume produced in the kitchen and prevent them from staining the walls. Smoke can give the kitchen an unwanted stench, but the use of kitchen chimney can prevent that from happening. Allergic conditions, like coughing and sneezing can also be prevented when you install a chimney in the kitchen or other parts of the home; this is because the chimney conveys smokes, aroma of spices among other things that can lead to allergic reactions. The aesthetic appeal of a kitchen chimney is another factor working in its favor. You can install it in your kitchen if you want to make the place look better and more functional.

Kitchen chimneys are built using different styles and designs. The various styles followed will be discussed below

  • Wall mounted chimney: This type is mounted on the wall as its name implies. It is also considered as the most common of all the kitchen chimneys around, be it in India or other parts of the world. It is popular in India because the kitchens in India are built on platforms erected adjacent to the wall. Such types of chimneys require ducts to remove the smoke out of the home. There is also the ductless variety of the chimney, which does not require any installation fee.  This chimney can easily purify and filter the air in your home.  This type of chimney does not include cabinets. The wall-mounted form of kitchen chimney is also called island chimney.  The chimney looks like it hangs out of nowhere after its installation.  It is the best choice when the platform is located away from the wall.  Many Indian kitchens do not count the use of island chimney as a necessity. They can be used in hotels and restaurants.
  • Straight line chimney: Space is one of the main challenges faced by many kitchens in India. As a result, the wall-mounted kitchen chimney may not be easy to install. In such a situation, it is better to go for the straight line chimney. This type is built to extend halfway over the cooking range. This chimney sucks up the smoke produced in the cookpot and other parts of the kitchen. Aside from promoting better space management, this chimney also provides an additional overhead space for storing kitchen items
  • Auto clean chimney: This type of chimney is very easy to clean for the complete removal of grime and soot. The auto clean chimney is very important especially if you have to prepare spicy foods rich in oil. The auto cleaning chimney gets rid of the oily particles that attach to the chimney.  With the auto clean chimney, no need to dismantle the chimney before you can clean it; it does the cleaning automatically and saves you the attendant stress. The chimney is fitted with baffle filters.  In this type of filter, you will only have to press the auto clean button to clean off the stains automatically; you can do this after a couple of weeks.  The water will clean down the stain and oil, thereby improving the effectiveness of the chimney.

Virtually all the chimneys used in India are fitted with filters, which are of different types. The common types of filters used are:

  • Baffle filter
  • Carbon filter
  • Mesh filter also called cassette filters.

Review of Some of the Best Chimneys in India

Bosch – DWB09W8511 1L 90 cm Stainless Steel Hood Chimney

Bosch – DWB09W8511 1L 90 cm Stainless Steel Hood Chimney

This chimney is designed using German technology, which assures it of durability and longevity.  Undoubtedly, it remains one of the best kitchen chimneys you can ever come by in India.  The suction or extraction power of the kitchen chimney is 800 watts. You can install the chimney in any kitchen, irrespective of the kitchen size. The 800 watts suction power ensures that the air in the kitchen and the home can be of a top quality at all times. The baffle filters fitted into this chimney is in line with European style for improved quality. The hob is well illuminated via the halogen lighting arrangement in the kitchen chimney.  This chimney is available in two varieties, the ducting and the ductless types. It is left for you to go for the type that best fits your home.

Check below for some of the features of this kitchen chimney

  • It is made using German technology
  • The ducting variety conveys the smoke out of the kitchen and home easily
  • It is built to be energy efficient. Consequently, you can save on energy bill when you use this kitchen chimney
  • The kitchen chimney has auto cleaning feature. However, you are better off with an AMC in place
  • Be that as it may, you will need large space to install the kitchen chimney

Bear in mind that the chimney may be too large for you if you live in a middle-class home having a middle-class Indian kitchen. Despite that, you will find it useful after installation, irrespective of your kitchen size or design.  If you are looking for the best chimney in India, you should consider this one.

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Sunflame Chimney (Innova 90 Auto Clean, Silver)

Sunflame Chimney (Innova 90 Auto Clean, Silver)

This kitchen chimney is among the best in India, and it is designed to last for long. It is also affordable, thanks to the discount that applies to each unit of the kitchen chimney.  The suction power is far higher than the one in the Bosch brand discussed above; it has 1100 cubic meter per hour suction power, which ensures it can remove the smoke very fast from the interior of the home. If you have a rather large kitchen, then this is the best chimney for your kitchen. The chimney is equally very easy to operate; this is made possible via the feather touch controls fitted on it.

The kitchen chimney is equally included with oil collector and baffle filter, which further improves air quality in the home. You will not have any problem with cleaning the chimney.  This kitchen chimney also comes in two sizes, which are 90 cm and 60 cm.

Also, the Sunflame Chimney comes with two LED lights that produce the desired illumination in the chimney. The chimney equally has an Auto Clean feature that makes sure the kitchen chimney remains clean at all times.  Each unit comes with one year warranty, which gives you access to free repair or replacement within that warranty period.

A summary of the features is provided below:

  • The suction power is tremendous for improved functionality
  • It is available in two sizes, presenting the end user with varieties
  • The auto clean facility also keeps it clean consistently
  • The exhaust pipe is long. This may be a good feature, but it also increases the cost of installation.

Today, this kitchen chimney is among the most popular in India it sells for under Rs 10,0000, making it one of the cheapest also.

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Hindware Nevio 60 – Heating Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

Hindware Nevio 60 – Heating Auto Clean Wall Mounted Chimney

This is also a highly reliable kitchen chimney. However, it does not have the auto clean feature. Be that as it may, it has a baffle filter. Consequently, the air in the chimney remains clean and the interior of the home is not polluted by smoke produced in the kitchen.  This kitchen chimney is the perfect choice for Indian kitchens. The main material used in making this kitchen chimney is stainless steel, meaning it is not susceptible to rust.

The kitchen chimney also comes in two different models, which are the 90cm and 60 cm models.  As a result, it will fit perfectly into all the requirements in an Indian kitchen. The chimney is a ducting type, and this means you will have to spend money on its installation. Illumination is provided in the chimney via the LED lightening fitted on it.

The features are highlighted below:

  • It has an attractive look thanks to the touch panel fitted to it.
  • It is built to save electricity; you will not spend an arm and a leg to run it in the home.
  • The kitchen chimney comes with thermal clean and water cleaning facility
  • The suction power is 1200 cubic meters per hour; which is high enough for improved effectiveness.
  • You, however, need to replace the factory-made pipe constantly
  • Also, you will have to pay a separate charge for installation.

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Hindware Cleo 60 – Auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney

Hindware Cleo 60 – Auto Clean Hood Wall Mounted Chimney

If you are looking for a kitchen chimney for a normal Indian kitchen, then this is the perfect one to go for. The kitchen chimney is fitted with two-burner gas stoves for easy use. You will find the cleaning feature and auto cleaning feature a lot valuable.  The chimney is a wall mounted ducting chimney. The installation will cost you some money, and this can jack up the price a bit.

The kitchen chimney comes with a suctioning power of 1200 cubic meter per hour; this means it can keep your kitchen free of smoke effectively.  It also comes with a touch panel that makes operation very easy. It is equally fitted with LED lights that bring about adequate illumination.

  • The product comes with a 5-year warranty on the motor and 1-year warranty on the product.
  • The product is energy efficient
  • The kitchen chimney comes with high suctioning power, and this can keep your kitchen free from unwanted smell and keep the place fresh every time.
  • This kitchen chimney equally features auto cleaning. Therefore, it will save a lot of maintenance costs
  • You will have to replace the PVC pipe on a regular basis also.
  • Bear in mind that you will have to pay a separate fee for installation.

The kitchen chimney comes in the 60cm and 90cm. However, the 60cm type occupies less space in the home, making it the perfect choice for an Indian home.

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Prestige GKH 900 CM DLX Wall Mounted Chimney

Prestige GKH 900 CM DLX Wall Mounted Chimney

The width of the kitchen chimney is 101 cm. As a result, it can handle a large cooking range.  It has a suction power of 1000 cubic meters per hour, making it perfect for a kitchen operation. The kitchen chimney equally has a digital display for easy operation. It is equally fitted with baffle filters, making it perfect for an Indian kitchen.

This kitchen chimney has inbuilt halogen lights, which can illuminate the kitchen chimney. The kitchen chimney can be mounted against a wall, and it also requires ducting. The product also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is a sign that it will last for several years.

Features of the kitchen chimney are highlighted below:

  • The product is made by Prestige, which is a household name in the manufacturing of Indian kitchenware.
  • The baffle filters are of top quality
  • The kitchen chimney is extra-large. Consequently, it is compatible with all cooking ranges
  • Maintenance cost and installation costs are high because it is a ducting variety.

Undoubtedly, this product is among the best kitchen chimneys in India.

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Faber Hood Tender 3D T2S2 LTW 60 Kitchen Chimneys and Hoods

Faber Hood Tender 3D T2S2 LTW 60 Kitchen Chimneys and Hoods

Faber is a globally-recognized kitchen chimney and designed to last for long. The company is also known for other top quality kitchen appliances.  It is built with a special 3D Y2S2 technology. This technology used in this chimney is 3-way suction in the kitchen chimney, which further promotes its reliability. The top-performing kitchen chimney ensures the kitchen is smoke-free at all times.

Also, a 3-layer baffle filter is equally included with this kitchen chimney, which makes it perfect for an Indian kitchen. Additionally, the kitchen chimney features 3-speed operation. As a result, it is a highly-efficient kitchen chimney in several ways.  The kitchen chimney also has push-control buttons, thereby making the operation very easy.  The kitchen chimney equally has two 5-watt CFL bulbs that provide great illumination.

Check below for the features of this product:

  • This kitchen chimney has a lifetime warranty
  • The fill is great and needs only minimal maintenance
  • It has a 3-way suction that makes it one of the best in the industry.
  • Also, the kitchen chimney is made with Faber Technology.
  • However, this kitchen chimney is pricey. Be that as it may, you will get a good discount on it.

The kitchen chimney comes with a 60 cm width, which makes it just perfect for small cooking ranges.

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Elica Kitchen Chimney (Escg Bf 60 Nero)

Elica Kitchen Chimney (Escg Bf 60 Nero)

If you are looking for a small kitchen chimney, then this is the best you can ever get.  It sells for under Rs. 10,000 if you buy from Amazon. It has a stainless steel body and glass that makes it highly attractive and can add to the décor of your kitchen. It is free from rust, and its glass makeup makes it shiny and beautiful.  It has a 60 cm width, making it one of the best kitchen chimneys for a small Indian kitchen.

Also, the kitchen chimney has very powerful suction, and the level is 1100 cubic meters per hour.  It is very easy to use, thanks to the push button controls included in it.  It is a highly efficient kitchen chimney, and its baffle filters improve its functionality.

Check below for highlights of its features

  • It is made to be energy efficient. Consequently, you will not spend excessively on the energy bill
  • It is small enough to fit an average Indian kitchen perfectly
  • Also, it has a rather high suction power for improved efficiency.
  • The vent cap and exhaust pipe are not included in the package; this means you will have to buy these items separately.

The kitchen chimney is small but very powerful. If you have a middle-class Indian kitchen, then this is the best kitchen chimney to go for. It will also give you value for money.

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GLEN Wall Mounted Chimney (Steel 1000)

GLEN Wall Mounted Chimney (Steel 1000)

This is also among the most popular kitchen chimneys in India today.  It is also pricey, but you can access impressive discount if you order from a sales outlet, like Flipkart. You can also get a very good deal from Amazon.

This kitchen chimney is the ductless type. Consequently, it will not cost you much money for installation.  It is equally included with an additional filter. The primary baffle filter included with this kitchen chimney is of very high quality. It can also last for long because of the stainless steel included; the stainless steel body equally prevents rusting.

The kitchen chimney is of 60 cm width, and its suction power is 1000 cubic meters per hour. The kitchen chimney can be mounted against the wall. The chimney also features a curved glass that improves its appearance and makes it a perfect addition to your kitchen for aesthetics enhancement. This product comes with a 6-year warranty for the 155 watts motor and 1-year warranty for the entire product.

Check below for its unique features:

  • The kitchen chimney is very easy to install because it is ductless
  • It comes with high-quality baffle filters and carbon filters.
  • It is the right choice if you are looking for a 60 cm chimney
  • It is not included with LED or CFL; rather, it comes with a normal lamp for illumination.

The features are of top quality. It is also among the most popular kitchen chimneys in India.

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What are the specific features to consider before you buy a chimney? Check them out below:

Features to Consider Before Buying that Chimney

Suction power

One of the features to consider in a chimney is the suction power. The suction power varies from one type of chimney to another. The power or capability of the chimney to get rid of smoke in the kitchen depends on the suction power. Never forget to take note of the suction power before buying the chimney.  You are better off with a chimney that has 10 times the amount of air in that kitchen space. In India, the suction power is measured in cubic meter per hour. You will get better value from a chimney having a high suction power.

The standard volume of kitchens in India is 48 cubic meters. Therefore, the best chimney to use is one that has a suction power of 480 cubic meters per hour.  So, you can buy a chimney having a suction power slightly ahead of 480 cubic meters per hour.  The chimneys sold in the Indian market have suction power ranging from 44 to 1250 cubic meters per hour. The distance between the gas stove and vents can also determine the suction power to go for.

Size of the chimney

Another factor to consider when buying chimney is the size of the chimney.  The cooking range or size of the gas stove should be higher in width than that of the chimney. Consequently, first measure the width of the gas stove before you buy the chimney.  The 60cm and 90cm widths are the two gas stoves available in the Indian kitchen are rather small in size, and it is better to go for a chimney that has 60 cm width.  You can connect the 60 cm width chimney with a two-burner gas stove. However, you can go for the 90cm width chimney if you have fitted a bigger cooking top to your kitchen.


Before you buy any of the chimneys being sold around, first read up reviews about the chimney before you place your money on it. Go online to read up the best chimney in India review, and this can give you an idea of the right chimney to buy for your kitchen. You may not be able to get a 100% perfect chimney, but just look for the one with the highest positive reviews and go for it, provided it is affordable.


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