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Drinking clean water regularly is important for healthy living. Just like air, water also gets polluted or contaminated. It is common knowledge that a lot of harmful substances are often present in regular water systems which may contaminate your water. Drinking water may contain contaminants like lead and arsenic as well as TDS. Unclean and unsafe water is behind a lot of diseases and health problems in India such as jaundice, cholera and typhoid. Surveys show that TDS level is above the permitted level in a lot of Indian regions including Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai. Hence, the emergence of water purifiers to ensure clean and safe water essential for a good health. All you need to do is to install a water purifier in your home and start enjoying clean and safe water.

This article will highlight everything you need to know about water purifiers; from their types, benefits that will help you determine the best water purifier in India.

Water TDS Levels

Water is a great solvent that easily picks impurities like Totally Dissolved Solids (TDS). TDS contains inorganic salts like sulphates, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium and chlorides. TDS comes from natural sources like sewage, urban runoff, chemicals used in treating water and so on. Nowadays, we the emergence of advanced water purifier systems, you can adjust water TDS levels.

The lower the TDS level in water the better it is for drinking. If TDS level is lower than 300 ppm in water then it is best for consumption. If the TDS level in the water is above 500 ppm then it is safe for drinking. You can measure the TDS levels in water using a TDS Meter.

Other contaminants that are usually present in water include:

  • Bacteria resulting from spring runoffs, heavy rains, wear and tear of water systems, etc.
  • Nitrates resulting from agricultural activities. Excess consumption with nitrate-filled water may lead to Blue Baby Syndrome.
  • Herbicides and Pesticides resulting from contamination from agricultural and home activities.
  • Coli resulting from human sewage and animal faeces contaminating water sources.

Health Problems Caused by Drinking Unclean and Unsafe Water

You may suffer from a couple of health problems when you drink unclean and unsafe water. The gravity of these health problems depends on factors like health status, age, amount of water, contaminant type, etc. However, you can eliminate these threats by simply install a water purifier in your home. These health problems include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhoea

Types of Water Purifiers

Water purifiers come in 3 major types. They include; gravity based (UF) water purifiers, UV water purifiers and RO water purifiers.

Gravity Based Water Purifiers: These purifiers make use of gravity to make water clean. They are ideal for water with low TDS content. Gravity based water filter prices range from Rs 1000 to Rs 5000. Gravity based water purifiers don’t need electricity to function unlike the UV and RO water purifiers, though they are not as effective as them. If you have a low budget and your water comes from treated sources or municipality, then the gravity based water purifier is an ideal choice for you.

Gravity based water purifiers also filter water using the Ultra Filtration (UF) membrane. Ultra Filtration membranes are like Ro membranes but they have bigger pores that can’t get rid of dissolved salts in water.

These water purifiers don’t just function without electricity; they are effective in removing microorganisms from your water completely.

Key Features

  • They do not require electricity.
  • These water purifiers remove and kill all viruses and bacteria in the water.
  • They can purify water using normal tap water pressure.
  • UF water purifiers cannot get rid of dissolved salts.
  • They can work with dirty turbid water.

UV Water Purifiers: These types of water purifiers make use of Ultra-Violet radiation technology to make sure water is clean by eradicating disease-causing water-borne organisms. They are slightly affordable. However, these water purifiers do not make provision for storage and cannot remove heavy chemicals or metals like iron, nitrates and arsenic. These water purifiers are also unable to get rid of the smell that comes with contaminated water.

Key Features

  • They require electricity to work.
  • These water purifiers kill all viruses and bacteria but their bodies remain in the water.
  • They can purify water using normal tap water pressure.
  • UV water purifiers cannot get rid of dissolved salts.
  • They can only work with clear water.

RO Water Purifiers: RO is short for Reverse Osmosis. It simply involves forcing water all the way through a semi permeable membrane that filters out some water contaminants which depends on their sizes.

RO water purifiers are effective for removing organic chemicals including lead, copper, sodium, nitrates, arsenic and municipal additive fluoride. However, they aren’t as effective as ultra violet filters against viruses and bacteria. They are important in areas with high contamination levels. Check Amazon for the cheapest RO water purifier prices available.

Key Features

  • They require electricity to work.
  • These water purifiers remove and kill all viruses and bacteria in the water.
  • They need electricity to boost tap water pressure.
  • UF water purifiers remove dissolved salts.
  • They come with a pre-filtration system that allows them to work with dirty water.

In recent times, some companies now manufacture water purifiers made from combined technologies, e.g. RO + UF or RO + UV or RO + UF + UV. These types of water purifiers are more effective than those using a single technology.


Once you learn one or two things about water purifiers, the next step is to buy one that is best suitable for your home needs. This can prove to be a difficult decision because of the plethora of water purifier brands and models in the Indian market. We came up with some factors that will guide you in buying the ideal water purifier for your home. These factors include:

Type of Water Purifiers: As you already know, there are 3 major types of water purifiers with different unique technologies. Gravity based water purifiers are the most affordable and cost between Rs 100 and Rs 5000. They don’t need electricity to clean water. You can also use gravity based water purifiers even when TDS level is low. However, they are not as effective as RO water purifiers as they cannot get rid of some dissolved impurities in water.

RO water purifiers can get rid of all kinds of toxic chemicals, dissolved salts and heavy metals from water; they are the most effective water purifiers. However, they cannot get rid of bacteria and viruses that cause the diseases. These water purifiers need electricity to clean water. However this does not stop them from being the most popular type of water purifier in India as the Municipality supplies water already treated of viruses to most parts in India. The best RO water purifiers are usually more expensive than Gravity based water purifiers.

All these water purifiers have their strong points, so go for the one whose strong points top your scale of preference and align with your interests.

UV water purifiers cannot get rid of dissolved salts from water but are the best when it comes to killing all kinds of viruses, germs and microorganisms. They require electricity to clean water.

Check online for detailed water purifier comparisons before making a final decision on the water purifier type to buy.

Electric Water Purifiers or Non-Electric Water Purifiers: Electric purifiers guarantee 100% clean and purified water. However, they require electricity at all times before they can work. They are also quite expensive. Electric water purifiers include; UV, RO, RO-UV and RO-UV-UF. If you stay in a neighbourhood where electricity supply is far from constant, then it is advisable you opt for a non-electric water purifier instead.

Non-Electric water purifiers are easy and simple to use. They can get rid of all impurities and most germs from water, but they aren’t as effective as the electric water purifiers. Non-Electric water purifiers also come in some portable sizes which allows them to be easy to move around like in an emergency.

Capacity: Water purifiers come with storage for purified water to ensure water is readily available at all times. If you have a large family, you should obviously buy a water purifier with a large capacity. But is your family is small, you can buy a water purifier with an average storage capacity of 5-7 litres.

Maintenance: Water purifiers require maintenance every 3 to 4 months. So after considering the size of your family, you should also consider maintenance costs of the water purifiers so avoid spending a lot of money in the long run. You can check reviews from online stores like Amazon and Flipkart for maintenance cost of water purifiers.

After-sales service: Poor after sales support from manufacturers may cause difficulty when it comes to servicing your water purifier. Many companies that manufacture water purifiers are guilty of poor after sales service. Ensure you buy a water purifier made by a top brand that offers great after sales support like Kent, Tata, Pureit, etc.

Customer Ratings and Reviews: Before setting out to buy any water purifier, make sure you check reputable online stores like Amazon and Flipkart for customers’ ratings, reviews and recommendations. In other words, find out everything people are saying about each water purifier. This will go a long way in helping you to select the best water purifier for home use.

Warranty and Installation: Ensure that the water purifier you want to buy comes with a warranty. Most water purifiers come with 1 year warranty. Also installation is usually free of charge; most reputable companies bear the cost of installation for customers.

Best Water Purifier Brand in India

There are reputable brands in India that manufacture the best water purifiers in India. In no particular order, they include:

  • Kent
  • Aquaguard
  • Blue Star
  • Pureit
  • LivPure
  • Whirlpool
  • Tata


After going through customer reviews, expert analysis and several feedbacks and recommendations all over the internet, we came up with this list of the best water purifiers in India. Take note that we put into consideration the varying budgets of customers when we were compiling the list. So take a look at 12 of the best water purifier for home with prices all below Rs 15000.

Best Water Purifier under 15000 Rupees

Kent Grand plus TDS 8 Litre RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

Kent Grand plus TDS 8 Litre RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

Kent water purifier reviews online show that appliances made by Kent are reliable, durable and of high quality. This particular water purifier from Kent is ideal for an Indian family of 4-5 people. It has several amazing features you expect the best water purifier to have. The Kent Grand Plus has a beautiful and compact look. Mounting this water purifier in your kitchen can make your kitchen look more attractive. Its cover is transparent which allows users to see the different filters. Any time you need to know the water level, just take a look at the indicator which is beside the outlet faucet.

The Mineral RO technology patented by the Kent brand guarantees the highest degree of purification. It comes with 3 different filters; UF, UV and RO filter. These filters eliminate dissolved impurities and suspended particles. This ensures that you and your family only have the safest and cleanest water to drink.

This water purifier has a TDS controller that retains essential minerals needed by the water to make sure your water is tasty, healthy and safe for drinking. It also has an 11 watts UV lamp that removes all kinds of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms.

The Kent Grand Plus got certification of quality from reputable laboratories in the world like WQA Gold Seal (USA) and NSF. It also has certification from CE, ISI and RoHS (Europe).

It can effectively clean water from different water sources like wells, water tankers, overhead storage tanks, bore wells, municipal taps, etc. Its Mineral RO technology also easily adjusts TDS level of purified water.

This water purifier has an alarm that alerts users on when to change filters. You can also know when the lamp becomes ineffective via the UV fail alarm. It automatically switches the power source off ensuring you don’t drink impure water at any point in time.

It uses a Save Water technology that recovers over 50% of waste water and stores it in a different tank for other uses.

This Kent water purifier has a capacity capable of purifying over 20 litres of water in 1 hour and an 8-litre storage tank more than sufficient for a regular Indian family.


  • The patented Mineral RO technology of this water purifier ensures that water is in its purest form.
  • Its Save Water technology makes sure that water wastage is at the minimum.
  • The water purifier can handle a variety of TDS levels.


  • Water wastage may occur.
  • You need to change the sediment filter frequently.

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Aquaguard Enhance 7 Litre RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier

Aquaguard Enhance 7 Litre RO + UV + TDS Water Purifier

This is a high-quality water purifier from the Aquaguard brand. It comes with exquisite features and eye-catching looks. It has an impressive and classy design as well as an ABS body that is corrosion-free. It also comes with the Mineral Guard technology which helps to maintain optimum level of minerals present in water and also protect the membrane from scaling. It has a double purification technology that comes with RO and UV filters which guarantees its excellent quality.  The essential minerals your water needs also get restored by the TDS regulator feature of this water purifier.

It has a Solver impregnation feature that eliminates bacteria, viruses and other microbes. Another great feature of this water purifier is the taste enhancer that guarantees quality water at all times. This water purifier comes with a 7-litre capacity for water storage to ensure that there is sufficient pure and clean water for all your family members even when there is power outage. It has an Electronic Membrane Life Enhancer that prevents dissolved salts from scaling hence enhancing the purification ability of the water purifier.

This water purifier is a great contender for the best RO UV water purifiers in India.


  • Its Mineral guard function maintains the optimum quantity of minerals your water needs.
  • The water from this water purifier tastes as great as mineral water.
  • The corrosion-free ABS body of this water purifier ensures its durability.


  • It takes 1 hour to purify just 7 litres of water.
  • The maintenance cost of this water purifier is on the high side.

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Kent Ace Mineral TM 7 Litre RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

Kent Ace Mineral TM 7 Litre RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

This water purifier has a 7-litre capacity and it is ideal for most Indian kitchens. It has a very elegant design that makes it stand out in your kitchen right above your sink. The ABS plastic body of this water purifier ensures its durability.

It purifies water using all the purification methods; RO, UF and UV. It also has a TDS controller that helps to regain minerals water has lost in the RO water purification process. This heavy duty water purifier can handle any type of water source. Its patented RO technology maintains water TDS levels properly.

This water purifier has amazing control features that alert you about UV lamps and changing filters. Power supply also stops automatically whenever the water purifier senses any problem. This ensures that water is always pure. This water purifier requires little or no manual intervention to purify water.

It has an inbuilt SMPS that protects it from power and voltage fluctuations. It comes with push-fit parts that guarantee a leak-proof performance. All these amazing features make this appliance worthy of being the best water purifier under 15000 rupees in India.


  • It cleans water using the 3 major types of filtration processes.
  • This water purifier maintains optimum water TDS levels.
  • It has the ability to handle all water sources.


  • Very high maintenance cost.
  • Water wastage may occur during purification.

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Pureit Classic 5 Litre RO + UV Water Purifier

Pureit Classic 5 Litre RO + UV Water Purifier

This compact water purifier model from Pureit comes with a 5-litre capacity. It is perfect for small families. This heavy-duty water purifier comes with several amazing features. It can clean water with high TDS levels up to 1800 ppm. Its filtration process has 5 stages that ensure you always have quality pure water to drink at all times. It also has one of the best filtration capacity in the industry, a mind-blowing 15 litres per hour. This means it consumes less electricity, hence lower electricity bills.

This water purifier can handle water from a lot of different water sources. It has a purification capacity of about 5600 litres which makes it as durable and long-lasting appliance. You should also know that this water purifier model is fully automatic and doesn’t require manual intervention. This water purifier has a plastic body made from ABS.


  • Purification process of this water purifier is extremely fast.
  • It has good water quality which tastes just like mineral water.
  • It can handle water that has high TDS levels.


  • Sometimes it makes noise during the purification process.
  • It has a small storage which makes it unsuitable for large families.

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Blue Star Majesto 8 Litre Water Purifier

Blue Star Majesto 8 Litre Water Purifier

This water purifier from the Blue Star brand operates using a 6-stage purification technology.  The sediment filter of this water purifier is of a high quality which protects delicate parts of the appliance by preventing larger suspended particles from entering into it. Hence, this water purifier lasts longer.

It has an 8-litre storage capacity ample for a regular Indian family of 4 to 5 members. This means that there is enough pure water stored for drinking even when power cuts occur. Its RO protection eliminates all kinds of radioactive matter, heavy metals and dissolved impurities from water. It also has a feature that maintains optimum pH levels called the Aqua Taste Booster (ATB) to enhance the taste of water. The Copper impregnated Carbon feature also enhances the taste of water by removing organic impurities from the water. Its UV lamp removes microbes and bacteria from the water.  This water purifier also has a sediment filter that is superfine and protects it by trapping fine particles like sand and dust.

Did I forget to mention that this appliance has a sleek design? It also has a child lock feature that prevents water wastage. It can purify up to 285 litres of water every day. Its Tank full indicator is also a laudable feature. Some people consider this water purifier to be the best RO water purifier in India


  • It works using a 6-stage purification technology.
  • Water wastage rarely occurs compared to most other RO water purifiers.
  • This water purifier’s Copper impregnated Activated Carbon technology improves the taste of the water by getting rid of all forms of organic impurities.


  • There is absence of enough service centres.
  • This water purifier model requires frequent maintenance.

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Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV Mineralizer Water Purifier

Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV Mineralizer Water Purifier

This water purifier from Livpure has an attractive design. It cleans water using the 6-stage process of purification that guarantees pure water of the best quality.

This appliance has unique features like the purification process indicator, tank full indicator and power on indicator. The sediment filters that starts the 6-stage purification process removes coarse and fine suspended particles. Organic compounds get absorbed by the pre-activated carbon filter of this water purifier to remove bad odour.

It has an RO membrane that undertakes the entire process of purification just before water gets disinfected by its UV lamps. Taste of water also gets enhanced by the water purifier’s silver impregnated post carbon filter. The Mineralizer replenishes all lost minerals ensuring that it delivers water of the highest quality.

This water purifier can handle water with high TDS levels of up to 1500 ppm. It can purify about 12 litres of water every hour. It has a 7-litre water storage capacity that makes it very important especially when you face power outage. You get active customer support on this water purifier model for an entire year.


  • 7-litre storage capacity
  • Works up to 1500 ppm TDS level
  • Advanced 6-stage purification technology
  • Double safety – RO + UV
  • 1 year product warranty
  • Customer Service – 1800 419 9399


  • RO + UV Water Purifier + Mineralizer.
  • It is compact and you can easily move it around.
  • It has a 7-litre storage capacity.
  • It has an elegant design that makes it one of the most attractive and good looking water purifiers in this category.
  • It can handle all water sources with TDS levels of up to 1500 ppm.
  • It works using a 6-stage purification process that completely eliminates all microbes, bacteria and heavy metal impurities like iron, lead and arsenic.


  • Water wastage occurs a lot just like with most RO water purifiers.
  • Absence of water level indicator.
  • The cost of maintaining this water purifier is very high, almost one-third of the water purifier’s cost price.

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Livpure LIV-PEP-PRO-PLUS+ 7 Litre RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

Livpure LIV-PEP-PRO-PLUS+ 7 Litre RO + UV + UF Water Purifier

This is another water purifier in India produced by the Livpure brand. This one uses the 7-stage purification process to purify water and make it clean. The process does not affect the taste of the water in any way. It can store about 7 litres of water which makes it ideal for a typical Indian home.

The process starts with the removal of suspended particles from water using the sediment filter; the water then flows through a kind of maze comprising of several other filters including the Activated carbon filter, UF cartridge, UV disinfection chamber, RO membrane, Anti-scalant cartridge and the silver impregnated post carbon filter before coming out and clean, pure and safe drinking water.

This water purifier has a lot of options like the power on indicator and the tank full indicator, which make it convenient to use and ensure an amazing performance. This heavy duty water purifier can purify up to 12 litres of water per hour. It can also handle water TDS level of up to 1500 ppm.


  • 7-litre total capacity
  • Works up to 1500 ppm TDS level
  • Silver action inside for longer cartridge life
  • Purifying Technology: RO + UV +UF
  • Zero Contaminant Tank
  • Purifies up to 12 litres of water per hour
  • ABS Body Material
  • Customer Service Number: 1800 419 9399


  • RO + UV + UF Technology.
  • It has a compact and sleek design.
  • It works using the 7-stage water purification process that ensures clean and safe water at all times.
  • It can handle all water sources with TDS levels of up to 1500 ppm.
  • It eliminates harmful pesticides as well as the odour that cause organic compounds.
  • It is fast when it comes to purifying water.
  • It has a good storage capacity.


  • Water level in the storage tank is not visible.
  • Water wastage occurs
  • The After sales service on this model is poor.

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Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water purifier

Kent Maxx 7-Litre UV Water purifier

This UV water purifier is one of the best-selling water purifiers in India. It operates using a high quality UF + UV technology. This technology effectively removes all microorganisms and impurities from water. The appliance works with a UV lamp of 11 watts capable of destroying even the tiniest bacteria.

The Kent Maxx water purifier has a 7-litre tank for storing pure water. This high quality water purifier is one of the few water purifiers in the Indian market to attain CE and ISI certification. It has an ABS grade plastic body that ensure its reliability and durability.

It is a fully automatic appliance and it comes with a UV fail alarm mechanism and a filter change alarm. This water purifier stops functioning when the UV fails or the filter requires change. It also comes with an inbuilt SMPS mechanism that handles incredible range of input AC voltage and its push-fit components prevent any form of leakages.


  • It has a 7-litre storage
  • Best Low cost UV + UF water purifier
  • It is a fully Automatic water purifier
  • High-intensity 11 watts UV lamp
  • It does not require any AMC
  • Maintenance cost is low


  • Water wastage does not occur like in RO water purifiers.
  • Its top notch UV filtration removes all forms of bacteria.
  • Presence of water level indicator.
  • Water purification process is extremely fast.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • It comes with a good storage capacity.


  • It does not have an RO filter hence impurities and heavy metals remain in the water.
  • It is only suitable for low TDS water.

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Best Water Purifier under 10000 Rupees

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

Kent Ultra UV Water Purifier

This ultra UV water purifier from the innovative and reputable Kent brand is one of the top 10 water purifier in India. It works with a 3-stage advanced UV technology which is effective in destroying several species of virus and bacterium. It comes with a UV bulb of 11 watts power and a safety alarm that notifies users when UV lamp fails. The Kent Ultra UV water purifier is a best seller on Amazon.

Its 5-Micron Sediment filter eliminates sand particles and suspended dirt in the first stage; its Activated Carbon filter removes chlorine and all other organic chemicals in the next stage; the UV Bulb kills all viruses and weaken their ability to replicate in water.

You do not need to manually fill water with this water purifier. All you need to do is to connect water supply line with this water purifier and switch the power supply on to get safe and pure water for drinking.


  • High energy UV lamp of 11 watts
  • 3 stage advanced UV filtration system
  • Operating voltage of between 100 and 300 volts
  • UV alarm
  • 1 year product warranty


  • Its UV technology eliminates all the bacteria in the water.
  • Water wastage does not occur.
  • Maintenance cost of this water purifier is very low.


  • Suitable only for water with low TDS levels.
  • Absence of a storage tank so you have no access to purified water when there is power cut.

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Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV water purifier

Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV water purifier

This UV water purifier from Aquaguard is chemical-free. This cheap and best water purifier under 10000 rupees is perfect for water with low TDS levels lower than 400 ppm.

It has a unique e-boiling technology that combines with a UV lamp to kill and remove all the virus, cysts and bacteria from the water. This guarantees that the water gotten from this purifier is pure and safe for drinking; even better than boiled water.

It works with a 3-stage purification process that includes clarity cartridge to remove suspended particles like mud, dust and rust; then its chemi block absorbs foul smell, pesticides, lead and all organic impurities; finally, the UV lamp eliminates all bacteria from the water.

This water purifier also comes with an IPS (Intelligent Purity Sensor) which monitors the process of purification and stops the flow of water immediately if the purification is not up to standard.

According to this Aquaguard water purifier reviews online, it is a fully automatic water purifier. The UV lamp goes off automatically whenever the appliance is not in use for up to 10 minutes. It also has a built-in stabilizer that handles voltage and power fluctuations.


  • Electric water purifier with no storage
  • UV water purification technology
  • Food grade plastic tank
  • 1 year product warranty


  • Water is chemical-free.
  • No water wastage.
  • Maintenance cost is low.


  • Storage tank is absent.
  • Suitable only for water with low TDS levels.

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Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier

Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier

Whirlpool is an American company reputable for manufacturing high quality home appliances. This water purifier model doesn’t come with any of the major purification technologies. It works using a unique Electro Adsorption Technology (EAT) filter technology.

This amazing appliance works without electricity and with water having up to 500 ppm TDS levels. Unlike with RO purifiers, water wastage does not occur with the Whirlpool Destroyer. Whirlpool also alleges that this water purifier can retain essential minerals in water. This water purifier is easy to install, use and maintain.


  • It has a 6-litre storage
  • EAT filter technology
  • Does not require electricity
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Flow rate of 1 litre per minute
  • Life of EAT filter: 2200 litres
  • 1 year product warranty


  • It is easy to maintain.
  • It does not require electricity.
  • It has a large tank.
  • Maintenance cost is low.


  • Service quality is not up to standard.

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Pureit Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier

Pureit Mineral Classic RO+UV Water Purifier

This Mineral Classic water purifier from Pureit is a best seller in India. It is a 6-litre water purifier ideal for medium sized families.

This appliance comes with the combination of both RO and UV technologies and can handle almost all water sources with up to 1800 ppm TDS levels. This water purifier is highly durable as its body is from ABS Plastic material. It weighs about 7.3 kg and you can easily mount it on the wall of your kitchen.

It involves a 6-stage water purification process including PP melt down, pre-post sediment as well as carbon filters that gets rid of all suspended impurities, chlorine, dust and all other organic compounds. Then the RO membrane eliminates salts, microbes, bacteria, heavy metals and all other impurities. It also makes use of a UV bulb for extra protection. The final stage entails the addition of minerals by the post RO carbon filter to enhance taste of the water.

Ensure that the installation and servicing of this water purifier is only by the authorized HUL brand professional. This is because leakage may occur if you don’t install the water purifier properly.


  • Best Budget RO and UV water purifier
  • It has a 6-litre storage tank
  • It has a water level indicator


  • It is an affordable water purifier for small families.
  • It can work with water having up to 1800 ppm TDS levels.
  • It has a water level indicator.


  • Water wastage occurs sometimes.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Water Purifiers

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purification?

RO water purification entails the passage of impure water all the way through a semi permeable membrane which is capable of trapping impurities like TDS, heavy metals and other impurities.

It works using a special type of pump to force water all the way through the membrane which does not permit the reverse of water. It is one of the most commonly used water purification technologies. However, you may need to combine it with some other water purification technologies for it to work at its optimum level.

Why should I combine RO and UV technologies?

RO purification process is very effective for cleaning water; however it cannot remove all microorganisms, viruses and bacteria. This creates the need for an additional purification technology to ensure a 100% purification process. The UV purification is best fit for that role. When you combine RO and UV technologies you get the purest form of water.

What is TDS?

TDS is short for Totally Dissolved Solids. These days, you can hardly find water in its natural form. There are industrial and human contaminations everywhere as well as chemicals such as pesticides in the soil that contaminate water sources. Hence, there are a lot of dissolved solids present in water that normal sediment filters cannot remove. TDS up to a certain level might not be harmful but the moment it crosses the limit, it can be very dangerous to human health if consumed.

How do I measure TDS level in water?

Special meters are available to help you measure TDS level in water. If the TDS is below 500 then the water is safe for consumption. It is only under certain circumstances that you can consume water whose TDS level is up to 700. You should never drink water with a TDS level that is above 900.

What are TDS modulators/controllers?

The RO membrane effectively removes dissolved impurities. To do this, they get rid of TDS to a large extent which makes water very pure. However, drinking water requires some essential salts like magnesium and calcium.

The TDS controller helps to supply the output water with these essential salts thereby ensuring that water is not only healthy, but also safe. TDS controllers also make sure that TDS levels don’t rise to a high abnormal point.

What is a Mineralizer?

The RO membrane does not only remove essential salts, it also removes essential minerals. The mineralizer replenishes the minerals the water lost in the RO process. The mineralizer also maintains your water’s pH balance by introducing some form of alkalinity which is essential for making water tasty and healthy for drinking.

Why do I need AMC for my water purifier?

Most water purifiers’ equipment like UV lamps and water filters are expensive to maintain. They can handle different water sources but suffer a lot of wear and tear as a result of the accumulation of impurities. Excess accumulation may cause the water purifier to malfunction which prompts regular replacement of its filters. The AMC (Annual Maintenance Cost) helps to elongate the life of the water purifier filters. Normally, average maintenance cost is around Rs 4000 per annum.

What Would Be the Annual maintenance Cost for Water Purifier?

Annual Maintenance cost of a water purifier varies among water purifiers. It depends on factors like labour charges, filter replacements and so on. However, the average AMC for the water purifiers on this list should be about Rs 5000. You can also contact the manufacturer of this water purifier for their different maintenance packages for best results.

How Do I Use Rejected Water?

The purification process suggests that rejected water is the most contaminated and polluted. Rejected water contains a lot of impurities. A lot of advanced water purifiers get rid of rejected water by draining. This is important because it is very unhealthy to drink rejected water; it can lead to several diseases. However, if you wish to use this water for other purposes like washing, you can store it in the water purifier.

Is It Safe to Buy Water Purifier Online?

Yes it is safe as long you are buying the water purifier from a reputable online store like Amazon or Flipkart.

Can I buy a non-branded water purifier?

Buying a non-branded water purifier means you are putting your health at risk. This does not mean that all non-branded water purifiers are unsafe to use. However, it is advisable to buy a water purifier from a trusted brand.


Having gone through this article, we hope it will help you select the right water purifier for your home. Personally, we suggest buying a water purifier that works with the combined RO, UV and UF technologies. Thankfully, major brands now manufacture these kinds of water purifiers. Get one from Amazon or Flipkart today to secure your health.

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