How to Use Roti Maker

Hi, I am a Atul and will introduce you for roti maker with new roti making device and technique. It is not a wonder that you are having such a hard time making perfect Roti’s. Roti Maker is the need of the hour. One of the most loved electronic food equipment Roti Maker despite being the best thing out there is somehow difficult to operate for many people. But don’t worry because now, we are here to save the day. First, let us see what the ingredients are that we require for making perfect Rotis with Roti Maker.

Ingredients: Kneaded Flour, Dry Flour, and Butter.

Steps to use Roti Maker

How to Use Roti Maker

You will get a step by step guide that will help you to know the usage of Roti Maker.

Step 1. Prepare nice dough: the first step towards using Roti maker is to start by preparing the dough. Use the Kneaded dough and water to make the perfect dough. Mix both the elements correctly, and you will get nice spongy and soft dough.

Step 2. Place your Roti maker: placement of the Roti Maker plays a significant role in the output as an improper placement will result in stricter usage and accessibility.

Step 3. Plug in: once Roti maker is placed in the right manner, you should plug in the module into an electric socket. Make sure to plug in the Roti Maker into a switchboard that can resist the voltage so that no issues of fire and damage might arise.

Step 4. Make small Patty: now, take the dough which you have made and start to make a small palm-sized patty of it. Use the extra flour to make it less sticky and shape them in around and equally distributed form. This is important because if the shape of the patty is not right, the Roti will also get out of shape.

Step 5. Place the patty in the Roti maker: make sure to place the patty in the middle of the Roti Maker. This step is significant; otherwise, the dough will not form perfect round Rotis.

Step 6. Close the Upper lid: once Patty is placed close the upper lid of the Roti maker and let the patty settle with the pressure of it.

Step 7. Bring the lever: as soon as the upper lid settles down start to bring up the lever handle. Use this liver to put pressure on the patty this will do two things; one is that the upper lid will keep intact and the second one is that will increase the pressure from the top the patty will start to grow. Hold the lever for few seconds and leave it once you feel that the Roti is starting to take form.

Step 8. Turn the half cooked Roti: once the Roti starts to put up air bubbles in it, turn the half cooked Roti to the other side and repeat step 6 and seven until Roti starts to fill with hot air.

Step 9. Release the lever (Final step): as the Roti start to come in the final form where the crust becomes a thin layer on both the side. At this step, begin to release the lever handle slowly. This will make the Roti grow and come into perfect shape.

So, there you have your perfect Roti which you made with minimal efforts all thanks to the Roti Maker.

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