Kent Water Purifier Without Electricity

Hi, I am Atul. It has become a nightmare for me to open the newspaper and flip through the pages every morning. Each day I am greeted with news of the ever increasing level of pollution in the air and water resources around us. I dread t even think what kind of legacy are we leaving behind for the next generation. Recently, my mother asked me to suggest her a water purifier as she had heard that the natural water reserves in her locality are contaminated and certainly not fit for drinking. Now, there are a plethora of options readily available in the market when it comes to water purifiers. However, my“amma” had clearly instructed me to go for one that runs without electricity as she tries to do whatever she can to conserve energy in her ways. My quest for the best water purifier without electricity brings me to Kent.

Why Kent?

Kent Water Purifier Without Electricity

Now my knowledge about the company kent was quite limited. The only aspect I knew was that the dream girl is its ambassador. However, I did not realize that this healthcare service provider is an Indian company with its headquarters in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Nor had I heard aboutDr. Mahesh Gupta the mastermind behind the launch and implementation of Kent RO technology that had evolved the water purifier industry by a couple of notches.

So, how does Kent water purifier without electricity function?

Kent has various models of water purifiers. The one that runs without electricity is based on the activated carbon technology and the Ultrafiltration technology. Kent is one of the pioneers that uses a UF membrane in its non-electric water purifiers. These membranes actively remove all kinds of bacteria’s and viruses bearing diseases from the water.

Here are a few unique features that bowled me over

  • Some purifiers can hold up to 20 liters of water
  • The UF membrane can purify as much as 4000 liters of water
  • It is made of non-breakable plastic
  • It comes in attractive designs
  • Enhanced activated charcoal.
  • Carbon filter to purify the water in addition to AF
  • UF membrane.

My review of the Kent Water Purifier without Electricity

I went through there brochures and browsed through its peer group and found that Kent water purifier without electricity is the best in class. The water we are drinking is already contaminated and filled with viruses and impurities. The water purifier is safe to use as it does not have any chemicals in them to process the water. Chemically processed water might lead to certain health-related risks as I browsed through the brochure I realized that the Ultra Filtration is a potent feature of the Kent Water Purifier.

The UF technology is one that actually aids in the purification of water without causing any side effect. The UF technology does not leave any chemical trail in the purified water making it befitting to drink. When I am looking for a water purifier for home consumption, I am looking for something that has a good storage capacity, as the daily consumption at a household will be of a substantial amount.

The water purifiers from Kent come in various sizes from 10l to 20l, giving the consumer the choice to decide as per their requirement. A lot of water purifier’s end up demineralizing the water that is not the right approach. Thanks to the filter UF membrane that is not the case with the ones with Kent.

At the price range available, Kent water purifier seemed to be the best bet one can have for their consumption. I found it the best in the market from

  • Price
  • Design
  • Compactness
  • Effectiveness
  • Time is taken to assemble
  • Features And so on.

Cons of the Kent Water Purifier

Now, no product can get 100 % in all parameters. Here, are a few features of the Kent purifier that is not 100 % on the scorecard.

  • The unique UF membrane in Kent is not too effective to remove any solid particles that are dissolved in the water. It is suitable if the source of water is from a lake or river as in such places the amount of dissolved solids in water is quite negligible.
  • A lot of areas complain of having hard water as groundwater. Hard water is not good for the health or skin or hair. Kent water purifiers do not have a mechanism of converting hard water into soft water. This is however possible with the electrical versions that have the RO mechanism which turns hard water to soft.
  • The water purifier needs constant care as the UF filters need to clean periodically. Ideally, it needs to be cleaned every 2 to 3 days. In the absence of same, the water filtered will not be up to the mark. It is a slightly high maintenance water filter.

Now, I must say that every product has a few cons associated with it. However, what makes me conclude that the Kent Water purifier without electricity is the best in its class, is the fact that its advantages and USP’s are far more than the cons associated with it. In short, it is the best one I found.

Variations of Kent water Purifier without electricity

Kent Water Purifier Without Electricity

Now, that I had zeroed onto the best water purifier for my mother, I was shown the various models available for same. It mainly has two kinds of water purifiers:

  • Gravity-Based water Purifiers: These purifiers come with two compartments. One is to purify the water and the other to store the filtered water. The instructor told me that all I had to do was to pour water on the upper compartment. Courtesy gravity the water will be pulled down and forced to sieve through the UF membrane which will in effect purify the process.

Here are a few gravity based models

  • Kent Gold
  • Kent Gold +
  • Kent Gold Optima
  • Kent Gold Star
  • Kent Gold cool
  • Kent Crystal
  • Online water Purifier: In these type of water purifiers there is only one compartment. The water connection from the running tap is connected to this purifier. Thanks to the pressure created inside the chamber the water passes through the membrane and gets purified. So, once the valve is opened, and the water starts to flow into the compartment the purification process begins.

Here are a few online water purifiers

  • Kent Smart
  • Kent Inline Gold

Thank you for reading my opinion about the Kent water purifier without electricity. There still might be some questions in your mind. Please feel free to comment below so that I can respond to them. I will be more than happy to do so.

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