Sony Home Theatre Price 5000

Raise Your Volume to Make You Happy With Home Theatre

Home theatre is used for entertainment purpose at home. A home theatre makes you feel the experience of how you use to watch a movie in a theatre. It enhances the quality of movie and sound system which is really attracting the audience nowadays. Everyone’s expectation is they don’t want to see the movie with normal television effects. People started noticing the main difference between the ordinary television and home theatre. One of the biggest difference is the experience of sound. Because if you watch a movie in a theatre you will hear the sound not only from the screen but all around you. It is completely taking the audience into the film when they hear the songs and movie dialogues.

Home theatre is most lovable by the youths. Because they would like to watch movies and songs in surround sound systems. They are getting fulfilled by this home theatre. It makes them happy when they are at home alone. There are different kinds of home theatre is available in the shops which are mainly based on brand and price. Basically, people do not aware of the home theatre system. Before you buy you need to know some important things about home theatre. In this article, we are going to see the detailed information home theatre system.

How it is producing the sound?

The first task is it receives the signals from different input devices such as VCR, DVD player or satellite dish. It translates and amplifies those signals and then sends them to output devices such as television and sound system.

What are the major elements of a home theatre?

  • If you are ready to hear the terrific sound then you need to renovate some important elements. They are:
  • A large-screen television which provides a crystal clear picture.
  • The very important one is the speaker. You will at least four speakers.
  • Then you will also need equipment for splitting up the surround-sound signal and sending it to the speakers.
  • Finally, you need something that plays or broadcasts movies in surround sound, preferably with a clear picture.


Sony Home Theatre Price 5000


Do you want to know more about surround sound system?

The proper surround sound system consists of two or three speakers which should be placed in front of you and two or three speakers that should be placed behind you. You can able to hear different soundtracks from each speaker. It is because of splitting the audio signal into multiple channels. The center speaker is more important than side speakers. Because it supports the sound that comes from the left and right speakers to produce good sound effects.

The main purpose of speakers that are behind you will create subtle background noises like the sound of flight, crumple of something, dogs barking, dripping of water in a tap etc.

These are the main job of speakers.

Would you like to buy an inexpensive home theatre?

Generally, people have some thoughts about buying a home theatre. The cost is the scariest thing for them. Because the richer one can buy it whatever the cost but the middle-class people is always getting struggle to buy it because of the high range of cost. Here the good news you can buy the home theatre in the range of Rs.6000. It is offering by Sony.

The Sony SA-D20 C E12 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Bluetooth is a popular home theatre that comprises a 2.1-channel surround system. It is appealing to customers in both brand and the cost wise because it was produced by the popular brand and it also provides the highest quality sound at a moderate cost.

The system includes a 2.1 speaker system with a big sub-woofer. The other main specifications are as follows:

Key Specifications:

  • 2.1 channel multimedia speakers
  • It provides the powerful bass with large sub-woofer and 60W output
  • The Bluetooth streaming is also available for wireless connection through mobiles
  • It is perfectly designed to use with Televisions, Computers and music players
  • USB port for easy connectivity
  • Stylish black gloss speaker finish
  • Supplied with remote control
  • The main specifications are Speaker(2U), Subwoofer(1U), Remote Commander x 1, AC adapter, AC cord x 1, Stereo mini cable x 1, Instruction manual, Warranty card, Dry batteryx2, Foot Pads(1set)

Where to buy this home theatre?

Now everyone has got an overall idea about the above-mentioned home theatre. So your next question would be where it is available? There are two ways to buy it. The first option is you could buy it from Sony Centre or other shops as your wish. Just go directly to the different shops and find out the variance in those shops then select the best one by verifying everything before you buy.

The second option is you can go with online shopping. For instance, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and other online shopping blogs provide with you the best offers with the best price. Search all the shopping blogs and select the profitable one for your convenience.

Usage of home theatre

The usage of home theatre has been increasing day by day. Because the sound has to reach the audience in a clear way. The sound has different forms it could be an information, a music, a movie, a speech or anything. People will understand if they receive it properly and they will react according to that. Nowadays it is using in different places for a different purpose which is mentioned below:

  • Educational institutions (mainly for important events and college cultural)
  • Parties ( Mainly in the IT field)
  • Wedding and birthday events ( here the sound matters a lot)
  • Temple festivals
  • Political meets

Why we are enjoying music?

Music makes your soul happy. It will refresh your mood whenever you feel boresome. It makes you feel very light if you hear melodies. And it makes you get on the floor to dance if you hear some superb beats. It helps to amuse with your friends, family, relatives, and colleagues. Then why you are keeping quiet? Get ready to play your track. Have a blast and enjoy your life with music.

Some useful reviews of other models of Sony product

The other model of Sony home theatre which comes around 6k is mentioned with the specifications as below:

Sony SA-D10 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Sony SA-D10 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System

Immerse yourself in top quality audio beats with the help of Sony 4.1 multimedia speaker system. Coming in a 4.1 channel configuration, these speakers will ensure that every corner of the room receives a balanced sound value. Since this is a 4.1 setup, it means that the system comes with 4 multimedia speakers and a subwoofer, which binds them all together.

The speaker system is known to induce surround sound whenever it is switched on. It generates a frequency response from 40 Hz to 20 KHz. It also comes with a 12 ohm impedance value. Moreover, it is capable of generating an overall power output of 70 W RMS. Also, it comes with an in-built mic using which you can answer calls even while the music is on (Your phone should be connected with the speaker system).


  • Enjoy superb bass with large sub-woofer and 70 W output
  • Designed for use with TVs, PCs and music players
  • USB port for easy connectivity
  • Stylish black gloss speaker finish
  • Supplied with remote control


  • Average device compatibility
  • It is difficult to control the bass
  • The clarity of low volume is not good
  • Remote has limited functionalities

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We couldn’t find more Sony home theatre products around 6k. The above mentioned products (Sony SA-D20 C E12 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System & Sony SA-D10 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System) are available for around Rs. 6000. The other models of Sony home theatre comes with high range.

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