Steam Iron VS Dry Iron

The steam iron vs. dry iron debate is very easy to resolve if you think that which one is right for you? Nowadays, as technology improves, there are a variety of options available for us. Everyone feels that why we should buy dry iron if steam iron is capable of doing both tasks? So here you can get the help to choose out of steam iron and dry iron.

While going for iron, one question that arises in everyone’s mind is that is this temperature is suitable for the suitable fabric.Many fabric like silk, polyester, nylon doesn’trequire steam iron because it will damage the fabric. On the other hand, fabric like cotton, silk clothes needs steam iron.

Iron should always be according to the fabric and before going for any iron keep the difference of both iron in your mind. Dry iron is a thermostat of different wattage depending upon the soleplates. It becomes too hot when it ignites and but steam iron has the same different feature of ignition and besides that, it has an extra feature to generate steam which makes ironing fast and also helps removes all the wrinkles, even more, better than the dry iron.

The significant difference between steam and dry iron:-

Steam Iron VS Dry Iron

Dry iron does not produce any steam, so you need you to hold the iron on a particular place for some seconds to get a better result, but the steam iron produces fuller bursts of steams on the clothes which give us flat and tight finish. Steam iron makes ironing experiences faster than the dry iron.

Water storage

Steam iron comes with a small water tank design on it, but steamer option is not available in the dry iron. Steamer gives you wrinkle-free clothes without making contact with the clothes but dry iron you have to hold right on the wrinkle part to get the perfect finish.


In dry iron, you get a solid soleplate which works on heating effect only, but when it comes to steam iron, you will notice very tiny holes on the soleplate over the most of its area which releases the steam to give a better result. The amount of steam pressure directly depends on the number of holes presenton the plate more holes releases more steam which takes very little time to iron clothes, but dry takes a full time.

Type of fabric

A steam iron is suitable for delicate materials such as cotton, polyester, jersey, rayon, jeans, satin, etc. and the dry iron is ideal for ironing printed clothes, suits, t-shirts, etc. and daily routine wear, a steam iron is beneficial in making some parts of our clothes wrinkle-free like sleeves of shirts plates of pants and keep the fabric in shape. A steam iron can be used even for woolen clothes

On-demand steam

Steam iron gives us a feature of spraying mist through which we can spray where we need steam, but in case of dry iron, you have to put pressure on it to remove wrinkles from clothes.

Extra features

Dry iron has fundamental elements. Every time before pressing you will have to set temperature, but in case if steam iron it consists of multiple options, you can adjust the temperature specified for your fabric with a LED display which makes it easier to use.

Adjustable feature

One most important point you should keep in mind before buying any of the iron is that steam iron can be used as the dry iron, but dry iron can’t be used as a steam iron. To use steam iron as the dry iron, you have to keep the water tank empty. This versatility feature makes steam more demanding. On the other hand, dry iron has very limited features you don’t have many options to customize it according to yourself.

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