Top load vs Front load washing machines in India

Although the job of the washing machine is to wash clothes, they differ in the process of working. There are two types of washing machines, front load washing machine, and the top load washing machine. The major difference is how you place your clothes in the machine from the front side or the top side. Before purchasing your machine, it is vital to know the advantages and disadvantages of both the types. This article will help you in selecting the right machine as per your need. Let’s compare both the types on the basis of various factors.

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Top Load vs. Front Load

Top load vs Front load

⦁ Top load washing machine requires enough water to cover all the clothes wherein front load washing machine needs less water per wash cycle.

⦁ Front load washing machine has more washing capacity than top load washing machine because the front load machine does not have the center agitator in it and hence it allows you to wash more clothes in comparison to top load machine.

⦁ Front load machine is energy efficient because it runs slowly and rinses detergent water from clothes quickly wherein top load machines are just the opposite in nature. As there is no center agitator in between, it allows you to wash more clothes at a time by giving good space and hence save energy by reducing the number of rounds.

⦁ Also, the front loading machines dry the clothes faster and ultimately save energy.

⦁ Lifespan of clothes is longer in a front load machine because it washes the clothes gently and hence increases its lifespan.

⦁ Front load machine does not allow you to add extra clothes and once the washing cycle starts it can be only done after the cycle is complete. On the other hand, top load machines are flexible and can easily be paused for adding more clothes.

⦁ Top load machine is also preferred because you don’t have to bend for loading or to unload the clothes, whereas, in case of front load machines, you have to bend down for loading and unloading the clothes. So, it is advisable that if you are suffering from a backache, these front load machines may cause trouble to your health.

⦁ Front load machine is comfortable to use and energy efficient device hence it is costlier than the top open washing machines.

Top load vs Front load washing machines in India

After going through above-mentioned points, it is clear that both the kinds of machines have their own comforts and discomforts. In terms of comfort top load machine is better whereas in terms of other important factors such as energy efficiency, longer life span of clothes, front load machines are good.


Selection of washing machine is not an easy task as you have to check all the aspects before purchasing these machines. There are so many brands and types of washing machine available in the market which makes this task more difficult. Keep in mind a few simple things such as wash quality, energy efficiency, water consumption, power consumption, price, etc. before selecting your machine.

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